PharmaMatch licenses pharmaceutical dossiers of their own products and those of partners in the global market. Our clients are active in all pharmaceutical areas. We focus on generic and niche products, create added value for existing pharmaceutical products and develop our own dossiers. Our strong team of dedicated professionals combine years of experience and market knowledge to ensure we add value every step of the way.

Our services consists of Licensing, Contract Manufacturing, Supply chain and a broad range of other services, such as (co) development of pharmaceutical products, Quality support, API sourcing and Regulatory support.



PharmaMatch represents companies from all over the world and we have always shown ourselves to be a reliable and trustworthy partner. Our sales team has an excellent network and access to the key decision makers in the pharmaceutical industry. Our team is continually assessing the market per product to find the best match and strategy for our partners products. Our partners can expect our Sales team to approach the right clients for their product. During the commercial negotiation, contract discussions and launch preparation we provide full support to achieve the best commercial deal as well as a quick market access. Once the deal is signed, PharmaMatch will continue to provide support. We can also deliver full support with dossier preparations and the registration of the product, upon request.


Licensing out

Besides developing our own generic (niche) products, PharmaMatch also represents development companies from all around the world. We focus on finding the right clients for our partner’s product. Our clients know us as a reliable company which offers the right products to complete their portfolio. After closing the deal our clients receive full support with the contract negotiations, followed by excellent aftersales service from our team. For our own products, our RA team commences with the regulatory work and once the MA has been approved our supply team coordinates the launch orders with our clients to achieve a successful introduction with no delays. At a later stage, our supply team provides clients with full support with replenishment orders and the creation of a sustainable supply chain.

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Contract Manufacturing Organisations

PharmaMatch has global contacts with contract manufacturing organisations (CMO’s). These state of the art CMOs are EU and/or FDA approved and follow the GMP standards of production.  As clients demand high quality standards and a reliable supply chain with the best commercial conditions, the CMO partners of PharmaMatch could be the perfect match. After the technical review and agreement on the commercial conditions, PharmaMatch will support both the clients and the CMO to achieve the best results. All site transfers will be handled by PharmaMatch and our clients will receive status reports and up-to-date timelines on a regular basis. After completion, our Quality department will ensure that a qualitative variation package is compiled and, if required, PharmaMatch can also offer support with the regulatory work.

Our CMO´s are active in the following pharmaceutical formulations:

  • Tablets (Plain/film/sugar coated/enteric)
  • Capsules (Hard/soft gel)
  • Liquids
  • Injectables (Lyophilised/liquid)
  • Creams/ointments
  • Suspensions
  • Suppositories
  • Oncology products
  • Opthalmics

Supply chain

Our experienced team, based in both the Netherlands and in India, ensures a hands-on approach in achieving the best possible supply chain opportunities for our clients. This is not limited to timely deliveries; checking the prices and availability of the API is also part of our core activities.

Our customers can count on our team to closely monitor their orders at the CMO to ensure a timely and complete delivery including batch documentation. The team also has the right logistic experience to get the goods delivered to our customers’ warehouses. On request PharmaMatch offers support with importand export and custom clearance. PharmaMatch supplies are always delivered with a personal touch.


Quality support

We ensure that batch documentation delivered to clients is timely, complete and compliant with current good manufacturing practices (GMP) requirements and approved MA. Our Quality Assurance (QA) experts closely cooperate with production and QA teams at CMOs to coordinate change control, deviation, complaints and investigative activities.

Our quality team is capable of supplying clients with well-founded, applicable answers to all quality questions.

Quality assurance

PharmaMatch holds a GMP and GDP license. Our Quality Assurance team, including our Qualified Person, has vast experience in Good Manufacturing and Documentation Practice. The team provides support and services to ensure high product quality and compliance with current valid guidelines and regulations for products used in the pharmaceutical industry.


PharmaMatch collaborates on co-developments projects with established companies specialising in R&D. The developments that we primarily focus on are generic, niche generic products or generics where we can deliver added value. We combine forces with our partner to develop and license out the products successfully to our clients.



PharmaCheck (part of PharmaMatch) is an expert in facilitating EU inspections. PharmaCheck will fully prepare the facility and the relevant team for the EU inspection. One of the activities includes an EU audit simulation at the facility itself. The PharmaCheck findings allow us to offer guidance regarding CAPA (Corrective And Preventive Actions) and if any changes are required, to support clients with their implementation. If necessary, we are able to trigger the EU audit, ensure documentation is complete and assist in answering queries from the authorities. If the EU status is already available, PharmaCheck can subsequently trigger the re-inspection needed to keep the EU GMP license.


Regulatory support

Our experienced regulatory team has a good understanding of the regulatory framework in every region. The team provides clients with quality dossiers compiled in accordance with the latest guidelines, which has already resulted in numerous successful registrations globally. Upon request, PharmaMatch can prepare and submit all types of applications (DCP, MRP, CP, National) for clients.

Besides creating new dossiers, we also offer maintenance and updates of dossiers.


API Sourcing

PharmaMatch has an extensive network of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) suppliers, ensuring our clients are matched with the right partner based on quality, price and regular supply.


Lab Services

Through one of our partners, we can provide comprehensive analytical support during the development of drug formulations.

By combining innovative approaches, modern instruments and advanced knowledge in the field of analytical science we are able to achieve high performance in terms of selectivity, precision, sensitivity and robustness. Every method is thoroughly tested to ensure its compliance with regulatory requirements and its ultimate performance and robustness in any laboratory worldwide.

Besides development, method optimisation is essential in order to obtain top quality data in a shorter time and at lower cost.

We also provide validation services across a wide range of analytical activities as well as validation of the final product characteristics.

Stability testing

We offer a full range of quality control services including batch testing and stability studies of the final products and APIs. Testing forms are only a part of our services which deal with a systematic approach to the products’ post approval management and lifecycle strategy.